Where can I use these images?

These images are free for online promotional use by authorised users (see below) until 26 October 2022. This means they can be used in media and social media channels, as press or profile photos, in presentations, as part of a digital (non-printed) exhibition, and in the online or digital promotion of events or programs related to the authorised user’s business or enterprise. Whenever you use the image, make sure you attribute it (see below).

The access and use of the images is governed by the Terms and Conditions here.

Where can’t I use these images?

These images cannot be printed or used in commercial advertising. They can’t be commercially exploited, on sold or used in a way that would be offensive or defamatory to City of Melbourne, That Startup Show, or any person depicted in the image. Users should properly credit the image, and not represent the User is the creator of the image.

Who can use these images?

Authorised Users are defined as:

  • Australian startups and small businesses (up to $5m in annual revenue)
  • Community organisations who support startups
  • Research institutions supporting startups
  • A startup incubator or accelerator program
  • Anyone shown in the images, or part of the team that created them
  • Not for profit organisations.

How do I attribute the image?

Full Attribution:

Title: [insert Image title]

Person/s in image: [insert name of person]

Company: [insert company name]

Location:  [Insert location]

Photographer:  Wren Steiner

Source: [insert weblink to source]

Created by City of Melbourne and That Start Up Show 2017

Short attribution:

City of Melbourne/ That Startup Show /Photographer Wren Steiner


Note: If you wish to use an image for purposes outside of the stated license purposes, please contact That Startup Show at team@thatstartupshow.tv.